About Us

We are a diverse group, all ages, all sizes, all smiles and all with different strengths that make our Design team dynamic and nimble.

Our creative team includes an RDT/ Technical Director supported by an experienced group of technicians that are devoted to delivering superior products on time and according to prescription. Our creative team is always fresh and current. We always find clever ways of reaching our aesthetic goals and keep our skills current to be able to offer our clients every advantage.

At Central Dental we offer a full assortment, of technical services from design to delivery of advanced prosthetics including items such as, metal free, traditional and implant supported restorations, in-office consulting services, design presentations, estimates and a myriad of other specialty items.

The net result means that we are able to offer a truly complete package - from consulting / treatment planning, to design, to fabrication and final delivery!

We are a Full Service Laboratory
Central Dental Laboratories Toronto is a full-service dental laboratory serving Toronto and Ontario dentists and their patients for over 50 years! Manager James Matera RDT will ensure that your work is done to your specifications for design and quality.