PROCERA All-Ceramic... Strength and Beauty for Anterior and Posterior Crowns

Procera anterior and posterior crowns from Central Dental Lab Toronto combine the highest standards of aesthetics and function with the ease of traditional crown & bridge preparation and cementation. Procera, is the bio-ceramic for crowns of vital beauty... and the strength of 687 mega-pascals from its sintered aluminum oxide coping. Once Nobel Biocare precision mills the coping through CAD / CAM technology, Central's skilled ceramists layer the coping with Procera AllCeram, the low fusing porcelain with natural fluorescence and translucency that allows characterizations and natural shade blending without opacity... and it's 70% kinder to opposing teeth than high fusing porcelains.

Best of all, Procera can be seated with zinc phosphate, glass ionomer or chemically hardening composite cement!